Our success has run away with us and we need your help!

As you will no doubt have realised from the pages on our website – we are an extremely busy business. At the moment, we are still classed as a ‘small business’ even though we have an extremely large client base. We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction and want to produce original content for this blog on a monthly basis.

Due to this, we are looking for individuals that would like to collaborate with us to produce innovative, new content in the format of articles. Our audience ranges in age and experience so we are really looking for articles that appeal to everyone.

Sound like something you would like to get involved with?

If you would like to produce content for our blog we have a few guidelines that we ask you to bare in mind.

  1. Get in touch first! We sometimes have several guest writers that want to produce content for us and we need to stagger these requests to ensure it works for everyone. We would hate for you to write an article for us if we were not able to feature it straight away. So, please do get in touch before you start typing to agree on a theme and publication date. Ee may ask for a test post just to ensure we are a god match for your writing talents.
  2. All content must be original! It sounds like a silly thing to mention but we do have to insist that all articles posted on this blog are innovative and original.
  3. Don’t stress too much over the level of written English. We understand that for many people, perfect written English can be a bit of a struggle and we don’t want to lose any potential brilliant writers over a small case of bad grammar. Of course, we do ask that the standard is as high as possible but we are happy to work with you and help to improve articles where needed.
  4. Be creative! The internet is full of articles about how to get the most from technology so we need creative and innovative posts to keep our readers interested.
  5. Be relevant! As you will know technology is always changing and we want to keep up with the latest trends and issues. We want our articles to tackle the issues of the month and would love to collaborate with writers that have researched current trends in IT support topics and tackle them straight on.

Get in touch with us via the contact page.

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