We reach a very large audience on a weekly basis, both online and in our US based workshop, and we publish original content every month regarding the latest technology and IT issues out there. We always try to be relevant and innovative for our readers and this means our audience come back time and time again. Because of this, we are in a great position to recommend products and services to our readers and clients and are open to discussing these opportunities with you.

Since we are a wholesome, family business and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction our main focus is NOT to make a fancy buck or two via advertising and we must stress this. We very carefully vet all advertising opportunities and always put our integrity first. We value our clients and trust their intelligence and will only suggest products and services where we think they are needed or could be useful.

Despite this, we really do welcome the opportunity to advertise products and services that we think could benefit our readers and clients. From hard drives and keyboards to computer cleaning and joystick repair we are always suggesting that our clients look into ways to improve the lifespan of their products. We never go for the hardsell and always give our honest opinion.

This is great news your those with solid, wholesome IT products and services as it means we will be keen to advertise for you. If you think your product or service could benefit our readers and clients, please do get in touch via our contact us page.

We absolutely love to recommend the latest products and services to our customers – but only when they are relevant and could actually help our clients!


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