Welcome to the only place on the internet that makes the dull and complex aspects of IT and Technology fun and easy to understand!

I’m Phil, CEO of VineYard PC Support in Wichita. We specialise in technical support tailored to meet your needs and have a passion for 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why we set up this blog, we want to support you at every step in your journey.

This blog will help you with many different technology complaints. We want to help you to get to know your products and software and see how they run. We can support you to try and troubleshoot your own issues and get a better understanding for technology. If that fails, we can assist you in most repairs in our HQ – or even offer online technical support.

With us here at VineYard PC Support, you can relax knowing you are in good hands of experts who really want to help you get the most from the devices in your life.

The company was set up in 2005 and initially was an extremely small venture. Myself and my brother Steve used to service our friends and families computers in the back of our father’s shed. We found that we were increasingly getting clients that did not necessarily have hardware or software issues with the device, it was more that they just did not understand how to troubleshoot simple errors or know how to optimise the different operating systems. We thought that on the side of actually repairing and fixing the serious issues, we could offer mini-workshops to demonstrate the best way to use common devices and fix simple problems. The response was overwhelming. We were inundated with requests to attend these workshops and even had to schedule extra ones to accommodate the demand.

As our business grew, both in the workshop and meeting room, we saw the potential of an online blog to reach more people and continue to help those with IT and technology issues. We now use this blog to tackle some of the most commonly asked questions and receive requests for IT help.

We are 100% committed to helping every enquiry we receive. We simply refuse to admit defeat with any issue and will always find a way to rectify the problem. Our team has grown to include several online technicians and workshop support staff and we are all dedicated to providing high customer satisafaction.

We hope you enjoy our articles and that you get in touch with any issues that you are experiencing!

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